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Community Credit Union



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Mission Statement

Community Credit Union is a member-owned organization that strives to provide financial services to ensure stability for all members, employees and communities at all stages of life.

Vision Statement

Community Credit Union is a financial cooperative where everyone is welcome. By being inclusive and collaborative, we strive to make a positive impact on our members’ lives and the community wherever and whenever they need us.

Our Value Statement

Community Credit Union’s values provide purpose and guide our members’ experience:

  • Act with Integrity
  • Pursue Excellence
  • Serve with Passion
  • Build Meaningful Relationships
  • Support our Community
  • Promote Financial Literacy
  • Foster a Positive Culture
  • Embrace Innovation

Cultural Charter

Community Credit Union is a matter of FACT.

  • Financially Sound
  • Adaptable
  • Community Focused
  • Team Oriented

Community Credit Union is a strong, financially sound cooperative. We guide our employees, members and community toward realizing their financial goals, by offering financial literacy and solutions. We are adaptable to the changing needs of our employees, members and our community. Through flexibility, knowledge, and the willingness to help, we are committed to providing solutions. At Community Credit Union, we live the philosophy of people helping people. With ongoing engagement, we strive to make positive impacts with partnerships, volunteering and commitments to our community. We have a strong commitment to a team environment. Through communication and collaboration, we contribute our expertise and lend a hand where needed to achieve superior results.