Take confidence in knowing you can register now for the 2022 Maine Home Show at the lowest price and your purchase is protected. Every 2022 Registration s is now backed by our Exhibitor Registration Protection Program.

Exhibitor Registration Protection Program: The Maine Home Show will now give you the option (see below) to either apply full or partial credit towards a future show, get a refund for the amount paid or convert the amount paid into services of equal value from Dow Media LLC  if additional government-mandated shutdowns curtail or cancel the 2022 Maine Home Show.

Option 1: Refund booth fees

Option 2: Credit Booth fees paid to 2023 Maine Home Show to 2022 Maine B2B or any other TBD large events 

Option 3: Reallocate fees paid towards marketing services from Dow Media LLC. examples of services: Google Ad words campaign creation & analysis, Social Media Evaluation and action Plan, One month of social media management. Website Review (Content, Design & SEO) General marketing strategy evaluation, Website edits and updates of equal value, event planning and more

The amount of the full or partial refund will be equal to the amount paid for the 2022 Booth registration and is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • The program is not applicable for weather related or planned/delayed openings, closures, personal injury, sickness, death or any other reason not explicitly stated in this document.
  • Partial credit for 2022 show will be applied to 2023 Show or other show put on by Dow Media LLC if it is forced to either delay opening, close temporarily or end the 2022 show for the reasons aforementioned in this document. For this purpose the applicable partial credit amount will be computed based on 7.14% for each hour of the show on the day the forced closure occurs during that.
  • Full Credit for 2022 purchases will be granted if The Maine Home Show is forced not to open for the 2022 spring show due to government mandates as a result of Disease (example Covid-19), War, Terrorism or Natural Disaster.
  • The Exhibitor Registration Protection Program is only available on 2022 booth registrations that are paid in full at the time of the cancellation. Exhibitors enrolled in any 2022 payment plans may only defer their purchase or be issued a refund in exchange for a credit toward future booths if all current payments are paid in full
  • Credit for each deferred booth registration will be applied to the account profile of the actual exhibiting company whose name is associated with the registration, and will be available for use towards that exhibitors purchase of any future Dow Media Show in 2022 or 2023  Credit is non-transferable.
  • Credit amount cannot be redeemed for cash value and no refunds will be issued if the 2023 registration amount are less than the amount of the 2022 Registration Amount

Questions? EMAIL US  sales @mainehomeshow.com or contact Show Organizer Travis Dow at 207-577-2721